Our Webcounter product has been discontinued.

Please check out some of our other projects:


Mind mapped is our attempt to create mind mapped of all concepts. Please visit https://mindmapped.org for more information.


This is an interesting experiment to see to what extend we can answer questions using AI. Arti is short for Artificial Intelligence. The only way that Arti can learn is through answers / comments from the users. Feel free to add some of your own questions. and see what the results are. Tell us what you think at: http://askarti.com.

Always Whiter Teeth

My wife started this website, trying to see what it takes to make this one of the Blogs that actually makes money. She has created great content, but for some reason it is just not ranking. Feel free to tell us what we are doing wrong. Visit it at: https://alwayswhiterteeth.com.