Warning: What you should know before you start your first Blog

Creating a passive income from Blogs is still a very lucrative and enjoyable process. But we have to disclose the following warnings before you start:

You will wait a long for your pages to appear on Google

For a new sites, it generally takes 35 weeks for a new page to achieve 90% of the google position it will achieve.

35 weeks / or 8 months. That seems like a very long time, right? And in our day and age, this can seem like an eternity.

Some may find that they have accessed a niche will little or competition, but for the rest of us, it is a difficult time, when you write for months without a single person visiting. All you hear are the sound of the crickets in the background.

You will have to write a lot of articles

Small websites with 10 to 20 pages no longer feature in the search results. You will have to create a lot of content to become an authority in the field.

30 well-written articles is a starting point, but you will probably end up writing 100+ articles to keep both your audience and the search engines happy.

You will have to write long articles

Writing a short 500-word article may have been enough in the past, but now you have to think of all possible follow-up questions a person may have and include that in your articles.

Take for example the search: “How to remove a tick”. Sure, you can answer the question in a few lines, but having done this yourself, you ended up with a lot more questions.

Your article will provide the necessary steps, but at the same time it will answer most of the follow-up questions, e.g.

How to remove a tick:

1. Steps

1. 1. Step 1 to 5

2. Why is tick removal important?

3. What does a tick look like?

4. Treat your yard for ticks.

5. What if part of the tick gets left behind?

5.1. What to Do if a Tick’s Head is Stuck in Your Skin

6. The Best Tools for Removing Ticks

7. Other Questions:

7.1. How to dispose of a tick

7.2. How to prevent ticks

You have to address the question and at the same time cover all possible related questions a person may have, to ensure they find what they are looking for in one place. It is all about the user experience.

You will have to do research:

Unique content is not good enough. You have to research your topic, and create never seen before content.

Taking existing content from the web, and rephrasing / rewording / spinning it is no longer acceptable. Anyone can do this, and some AI Bots are doing a much better and faster job than you will ever be able to do. Copying existing content, and making just enough changes to pass the Plagiarism make you part of the other thousands of blogs that are doing exactly the same.

You will have to become vocal

The Lie:

Build it and they will come

Your blog is no longer an island. It is part of the larger ecosystem, and to be part of that system, you have to socialize.

Socialising can include:

  • Social media
  • Videos
  • Build to share
    • You will have to create content that other people would like to share, not just on your blog, but also on other websites.
  • Linking to other sites

You will have to play by the rules

Sure there are a lot of black hat tricks to jump to the top within the search engine rankings, but after the next Search Engine update, you will find a massive drop in your rankings, and unable to recover.

Some Subjects are not meant for us mere mortals

Stay away from:

Your Money or Your Life

“Your Money or Your Life” pages (YMYL) is a Google term referring to pages that, Google deems, could impact “the future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of a person.

Would Google send a person that is, let’s say searching for symptoms of a heart attack, to a site with only a few backlinks and low credibility on a subject matter, or a reputable website like https://webmd.com with millions of backlinks, even if the content is spot on to the search query?

From Personal Experience, my wife created a website about Teeth Whitening, with high-quality content, that would just not rank.